The My Video Talk owners

Mel and Amie Gill, co-founder of My Video Talk, and joined the Direct Selling Market in 1989, before the unique business It has not really reached critical mass. During this precious time, these people after all, a young newly wed husband and wife will have a higher education, and selects their own futures. Mel & # 39; s parents ran a restaurant pretty lucrative business in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mel directed one of many recent locations. At this point, Amie took care of new-born baby.

exceptionally important day of November 1989, these people are guided by the Direct Marketing Business. Little did Mel Aime gills and realize that this would lead to the introduction of the Foundation for a company called My Video Talk.

These individuals saw the vision | therefore exactly what this kind of business can be presented in time for the conditions of freedom and financial freedom. Then they both went in all guns bulb, and a very young age discovered the full force of industry acceptance.

The first business is very local, but not for long, the business soon took them all over the world, generating huge success in growing business in Japan, Thailand, Australia and Canada. A very lucrative business platform, which is already global, and it was only in his twenties with a springboard for future global domination in Asia and Europe.

This was the catalyst that has become a solid foundation for the future, it was in October 2002 when he became joint owners of the national and international direct marketing. Just celebrating 20+ years full of success, the Industry and Amie Mel is very passionate about the direct selling business and what results have been created for others around the world, as well as for themselves.

Now living in his hometown of San Francisco Bay Area with three beautiful children.

traveling back and forth around the world to oversee all operations of the business to talk about my video, thanks to the passion that they love. Mel and Gill Aime & # 39; s faith and passion for the company and the direct driving force for the future, and the growth of my video talk. The company, My Video Talk perfect direct sales market; The expertise of the co-owners Mel and Gill Aime & # 39; and integrity of the company, it is most definitely poised incredible explosion of vertical growth.

Source by Graham Holdbrook