The board animation software that can & # 39; s full functionality, user-friendly and easy on the pocket of all, what a good corporate presenter or online marketer will earn. If you & # 39; not looking for an award-winning, but extremely expensive video animation tool, these boards animation software available on the internet can be a great alternative to the adhesive on the prospects and corporate audiences.

Many of these devices, but today, let & # 39; and it will focus on two that are almost the same functions – Sparkol & # 39; s Videoscribe and Paul Lynch & # 39; and Easy Sketch Pro 2.0. The creators have recently updated their babies to version 2 of the previous edition of this only last July 2014.

On Videoscribe board animation software
The latest version of Videoscribe really a much better version of the first version. It & # 39; and much more user-friendly, easier to navigate and very refreshing to watch. You can also add a new free SVG images to the library a total of 42 hundred doodle folder. Although the & # 39; ll never be enough to meet the needs of different stories, at least & # 39; ll start with a lot more free SVG images.

It & # 39; s also good to the font and text color functionality has been improved, so that multiple versions of the texts. Just do not check the extended Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, etc. import fonts for all the boxes unless they have special needs, such as & # 39; I'll take as much time to fill. Just fill out the basic characters of the story boards.

One thing, however, to limit Videoscribe board animation software inability to access videos on the same screen. It would have been nice to see the video in the background while the hand drawing a picture or text on it.

The $ 29 / month, or a one-time payment of $ 665, Videoscribe not be for everyone, especially if you & # 39; and do not consistently use the device. I & # 39; ve subscription for almost a year, and probably you just need to change the annual program to save a few dollars.

Can I ask you if you & # 39; s worth it.

Well, for me, this is it! Having a tool like Videoscribe a great help for me to present my ideas online and offline, cool, refreshing way. I just want to maximize its use to fully experience the test.

If you already have a Videoscribe fan, you will also want to check the SVG images specifically Videoscribe. They & # 39; It's free!

easy table Sketch Pro animation software
I & # 39; ve used Videoscribe about a year now, but have not heard Easy Sketch Pro 2.0 just a few days ago (pity me!). Although this board animation software is basically the same as Videoscribe, it has a unique feature that has not Videoscribe – extends the live video on the big screen! This is a unique feature, such as & # 39; will do the sketches come to life at any point in the message. Come to think of it. A hand drawing a car with a man coming out of it for about five seconds, and suddenly, the whole thing to life, while the video is playing. Cool, is not it?

What & # 39; s colder than you & # 39; ll just have to pay a one time fee equivalent to 2.0 Easy Sketch Pro-month subscription Videoscribe. I think these are the most distinctive of the board animation software that & # 39; I'm trying to point out.

The downside?

Actually, there are two more, which can be easily removed. Although there are 50 folders home directory, the actual images are limited. You need to upgrade or buy images separately. And these pictures, you might buy somewhere in the Videoscribe projects will not work if you do not have a PNG (.png) equivalent.

So which tablet animation software rocks?

The price is the most important aspect for me. So & # 39; ll easily give the choice to simple outline Pro 2.0!

but that does not mean that the & # 39; Videoscribe'll easily give up. At least for the time being. I actually have a few things that one complements the other. It also is likely to once again share more tips on how to do it in my next post.

In the meantime, I highly recommend you to experiment with animation software which table & # 39; help you surprise your audience.

You & # 39; ll rock!

Source by Jojo Colinares