So you've put together a marketing plan, you've got a budget that has not been tied to your "shoes," campaign and guess what? Everything got together. People started the church. And if you've read your past articles, you say you're ready and you've done it with the warm hands, as these people become regular visitors and maybe even members. We're doing the job … almost!

Let's face it, your marketing work has never happened, but there's one thing you need to think before the marketing team's work is over. And that's a good welcome pack.

Why is there a welcome pack?

A welcome pack can be a marketing tool for new visitors to the church, doctrine or beliefs, and some ministries or activities that continue there. This gives the guest something to examine when he left the church and to reflect some time.

There are several goals to ensure that guests receive a welcome pack when they visit:

I'm glad! You want to express your gratitude to allow you to share and indicate that you are willing to return.

* Understand your structure. One of the reasons why visitors come to learn something from the Church. How it is organized. What distinguishes the other temples in the neighborhood? Greeting packages can do this

* Learn about the style of worship (do you like singing, do you like it?) And the church convictions

* An overview of the activity calendar. Visitors want to know about the upcoming schedule of event and service meeting dates.

What to do in the package?

Although there is no absolute list, there are ideas that help to impress and motivate guests to return:


1. The video or DVD about your organization

– It can be video from the whole area, or perhaps just a 30 second clip about each ministry of the Church. Maybe the vision of where you want to go.

2. Fridge magnets

Are you looking for a cheap marketing tool with long-term resident strength? This may be better than you think. According to a study at Purdue University, the average US daily visits her refrigerator 22 times a day. What else could this exposure be too large? And strange, as it sounds, even if people do not like them, they tend to put them on their fridge.

3. Greeting letter from the minister

Maybe a personalized message, invited to the next week. Studies have shown that personal interaction with the minister can dramatically have a positive effect on whether someone is returning or doing a temple. (So ​​do not forget that the minister will make a personal phone call to follow the next week!)

4. Information on Membership Membership Processes

Some visitors are ready, To be a member of the first day. They may have just moved and want to preserve their denominational affiliation. Others only feel comfortable and know when they will find their new church. This is the awesome thing to do.

5. Invitation for online survey

Quick survey of the visitor's congregation is good. But they feel uncomfortable when they are filling a temple, especially if they are the only guest on that day. Online surveys offer an easy way to determine the actual state of things because they are truly anonymous.

6. Voice Recording

You may have a recent Sunday message or some invitation. Keep in mind that it is at least a CD world. Cassettes are dead. Podcasts or downloads are a great way to get to your site.

7. Information brochure

– General information on the Church and its ministries (if you can not make a video or cover your base). This may include a brief history of the church or the denomination if this is considered important.

8. Event Calendar

Public events, eg. Festive festivals, Christmas programs, etc. Advertising flyers. Coupons

Coupons available at the Church Book Store or on the website with a free recognition or discount sign. I like the coupon that entitles the user to a free cup of coffee at the minister!

10 Tote Bags or Bookmarks

Both are very cheap and Helps keep your congregation in the minds of the guests. Do not forget the title of this site!

Although they do not all involve, they give a positive impression to the ecclesiastical guest. A good greeting package can make the difference when a visitor returns to a second glance. Provides answers to the questions that arise after leaving the temple. Of course nothing loses a personal note or phone call from the minister. How are they distributed?

Do not stop by accident if a visitor receives a Welcome Pack or not. While my experiences disappear, I have to look for myself or say to pick one on the way out, anything missing from personal delivery loses some of the welcome pack's … I feel good. Make sure the Church does not make this mistake!

Source by John Panico