Are African American consumers planning to sell or sell products and services? If so, in order to successfully enter this community, your advantage is to understand certain digital marketing trends: how do African American people hang out where they are most likely to be responsive to ads, and more importantly, how They feel marketing and the media.

They said that "2014 will be the killer year for social media and small businesses." They also said that properly introduced digital marketing strategies can help small businesses grow. So what does this mean for small businesses targeting primarily black Americans? This means you have to realistically understand how black consumers can access the new media and the cybercultural landscape. You want to keep in mind the following findings and / or trends while customizing the marketing campaign for a targeted small business:

1. Many young people, if not most influencing early adopters and populace, are new technologies And to promote lifestyle products for consumer demographic change.

Black Americans are a major user of huge social media and video content.

4. The black consumer share of smartphones grew from 33% to 54% and continues to grow

3. Black digital consumers are very sensitive to advertising on mobile devices [AfricanAmericansusetheirphonefortextmessaginginternetaccessreceivingandsendingemailsdownloadingpicturesdownloadingmusicandmobilevideosaccessingTwitterandFacebookaswellasotherdemographics

. Black women are a huge user of e-commerce, including the purchase of beauty products, clothing, health care products and foods.

7. Black men and women are very close to others. 72% of Black Adults have more social networks online.

8. Black women between the ages of 18 and 35 are 72% more likely to detect products and web content preferences by linking "liking", "tracking" or linking an article, brand or website

. Black Americans in the black media are more than the mainstream sources of information. They accept ads that reflect the benefits of a product or service and deliver a positive message to the African-American community

. African-American women between the ages of 18 and 35 are 72% more likely to publish the blog.

The incredible purchasing power of Afro-Americans. Despite the hard effects of the recession, the release of the black community still energized the US consumer market. Nielsen Company, the global information and research firm, expected the African American spending power to reach 1.1 trillion dollars by 2015. According to Marketingvox, "Consumers are starving their credible content, rather than representing them, not just nodding and very committed to digital content and mobile platforms." So what does it mean for small businesses ?

who are targeting this community? In order to exploit the purchasing power of the community, it must increase gaming and be consistent with consumer behavior and digital marketing trends. Finally, become more creative in the methods implemented to touch the black US market.

Source by Stacey O Mathis