In order to ensure that producers are fair and sometimes return their production, the marketing board usually performs more than one function. They resist the competitive production of the product in order to stabilize prices or avoid high price declines. To do so, they can fix the price of the product or limit the amount allowed on the market. The total quantity produced is greater than the amount sold on the market, which is returned or redirected to the other markets by the board of directors in its own warehouses. For example: overseas market. You can also create a system for product classification and quality control standards. They continue to try to improve product quality and introduce economical production methods.

Although the Marketing Body's organization can differ from deck to deck in detail and gives shape to the site, some of the key features. The body is authorized by a parliamentary act to direct the produced or distributed or both to the named product. The law defines the total number of members of the Board of Directors, their appointment and powers. They are usually the leading members of the country's producer organization.

Including one or two members of the government, usually from the Ministry of Agriculture. On the other hand, there are usually some representatives of the Consumer Advisory Council who have no authority unless they report to the Board. Representatives of the Board of Directors are represented by representatives of producers, government officials and consumer bodies, as the board's decision on setting a minimum price or limiting the production of cut crops is certainly affecting people's living standards. Therefore, farmers and consumers should be able to provide farmers with support in order to alleviate the burden.

On the other hand, marketing committees have certain operations. The Board of Directors authorized by the Parliament keeps a record of all the producers of the product in the country. All products must be supplied to or through the Board of Directors except for those that the producer intends to consume. You can order quotas for all producers if you want to restrict competitive production and supply


Source by Julie Staz