Probably a good business rapporteur or online marketer would look for tablet-based animation software that's full functionality, user-friendly, and easy in pocket. If you do not want to be an award-winning but extremely costly video animation tool, on-line online cartoon animation software can be a great alternative to your prospects and corporate audiences.

There are many of these Today but focus on those two that have almost the same functionality – Sparkol's Videoscribe and Paul Lynch Easy Sketch Pro 2.0. Both creators recently updated their babies to version 2, and the former released it only in July 2014.

The Videoscribe capture animated software

The latest version of Videoscribe is actually a much better version than the first version. It is more user-friendly, easier to navigate and looks fresh enough. It also added new free SVG images to the library with a total of over 180 bookmarks. Although it will never be enough to meet every expectation in different stories, at least a lot more free SVG images can begin.

It's also great to improve font and text color features, so there are more variations in texts. Only tick the extended Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, and so on. Check boxes if you import fonts unless you have a special need because it takes the time to finish. Just fill out the basic characters for storyboards.

However, one thing restricts Videoscribe Whiteboard Animation because it is unable to add videos to the same canvas. It would be cool to create a video background while a hand drew an image or text on it.

For $ 29 / month or $ 665 one-time payment, Videoscribe will not be available to everyone, especially if you do not use the device consistently. I've been signed up for almost a year now, and I probably have to switch to one year system to save a few dollars.

You can ask if it is worth it.

Well, for me, this one! A device like the Videoscribe is a great help for me to present my ideas online and offline in a cool, refreshing way. I just have to use it to make full use of it so that I can fully experience its value.

If you like it as a video clip, you can also check your SVG images for Videoscribe. Completely free

The Easy Sketch Pro tablet with animation software

I've been using the Videoscribe app for about a year, but I have not heard about Easy Sketch Pro 2.0 a few days ago (Pity me!). Although this board animation software is basically the same as the Videoscribe, it has a unique feature that Video Games does not have – adding live videos to the canvas! This is a unique feature, as sketches remain alive at any point in your message. Come here to think about it. With one hand, you draw a car with a man who is ca. It will come out in 5 seconds and suddenly it will be alive when playing the video. Cool, right?

The cooler the more you just have to pay Easy Sketch Pro 2.0 a one-time subscription fee once for a month's subscription to the Videoscribe. I think these are the widest elements of the biggest whitening animation software I'm trying to point out.

The disadvantage?

In fact, there are two that I can easily count on. Although there are 50 folders in your library, actual photos are limited. You have to update or purchase the images separately. And the pictures you may have purchased for Videoscribe Projects may not work if they do not have PNG (.png) files.

So the Belarussian animated software rocks

Price is an important consideration for me. So I can easily choose Easy Sketch Pro 2.0 !

But that does not mean I can easily resign from Videoscribe. At least not just yet. In fact, I can do some things to complement the others. Again, maybe I can share more tips on how to do this with my next post.

In the meantime, I highly recommend experimenting with any board with animation software that is used by the audience to surprise you.


Source by Jojo Colinares