Video display is a fantastic way to build traffic to your site, build relationships, and deliver more valuable sales. But we need to make sure we avoid a lot of things when it comes down.

Not as cut and dry as everyone does. After you understand that the basics are a very simple concept and will really help you in your business.

So in the article I want to talk about, three mistakes should be avoided when it comes to Video Marketing.


One of the biggest things I've been struggling with when making videos is. I would need to try, but I did not even think about it at all.

This is very common because it is very nervous in front of the camera. So, to fight, you're not going to talk anything. So, you're gonna go to the rabbit holes and you do not get a point you're trying to do.

So, try to avoid this.

2. You're like Crazy

It may look crazy but very common. People get in front of the camera and start to snoop their eyes like a crazy man. I know because I did it.

But as you use more and more video, you'll be very comfortable creating them. So just be aware of the way your eyes are bent, and try not to be obsessed with doing it.

I forgot to mention your site

I saw some fantastic videos online and wanted to go And get more information. But the person who did this never said the title of the website. So it was completely meaningless. I'm interested now, but I can not reach your site.

So make sure you mention your site at least three times. Once in the beginning, once in the middle and once in the end. Make sure you have a call to action at the end.

Also make sure you put the address of the website in the bottom third.

Source by Shannon Herod