Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic illness of the ovarian endocrine. Once we eat, the breast mechanically produces the suitable quantity of insulin to interrupt the sugar into glucose which is the primary supply of vitality.

Diabetes mellitus causes little or no insulin, as an excessive amount of glucose accumulates within the blood that flows into the urine. On this manner, the physique loses its main vitality supply and turns into sick once more.

In astrology with a cautious examination of the horoscope, you’ll be able to predict the sensitivity of the diabetes illness.

  • Ascending: Normal Construction and Energy of Bodily Physique
      • Venus: Venus: kidney rule, anti-clockwise
      • Moon: pancreatic and blood circulate urination
      • Jupiter: guidelines of pancreas, blood
      • Signal Libra: guidelines of kidney and excretion.
      • sixth Home: ] Diabetes Compound:



        • Venus affected by solar / mars in watermarks.
        • Venus and Jupiter are affected by males and the male planet is positioned within the Eighth home and offers diabetes.
        • Malefic Venus places in ascendant / inauspicious home.
        • Venus and Jupiter are affected by male and male is positioned in ascendant.
        • Venus with male in Eighth home and likewise facet of male.
        • Ascendant is injured by masculine and his lord is in despair / set / obstructed between male / unnatural indicators and venus positioned / episode Eighth home causes diabetes.
        • Venus places within the 2nd home, in consequence, the facet of female and male ascendant is positioned in a sixth home in a state of humiliation.


        • Moon affected by solar / mars in watermark.
        • Tungl is closely stricken with Saturn
        • Moon in watty signal and the signal of the lord of the sixth home, which is utilized by aqueous symbolic indications of diabetes.
        • Moon set in a watermark and its grasp image is ready in sixth home and appeared of Mercury [which is placed in watery sign].
        • Máns and Jupiter are affected by males and males who sit within the Eighth home.


        • Saturn produces nice Jupiter.
        • Jupiter positioned within the Purvashadha constellation.
        • Jupiter situated within the constellation of Rahu and suffered from it.
          Two or extra male planets positioned in seventh home or signal Vogra (19459002)

          Signal Most cancers / Libra / seventh home: .

        • Most cancers could be very affected by Saturn.
        sixth / Eighth home:

        • 6. Mr. is positioned in Eighth home or vice versa.
        • Two or extra male planets within the sixth home.
        • Rahu together with the Eighth Eighth-Eighth grade household results in diabetes to the native.
        • Very damaging male planets that reside in Eighth Home and Jupiter and Venus are depressed proof of diabetes.
        • Gents 4th and seventh homes are set in a sixth / Eighth / 12th home.
        • Lord sixth / seventh Mix with Mr. 12th Home and anticipate Saturn to point diabetes.


        • Two or extra male planets positioned in watermark.
        • Gents 4th and seventh locations in irregular signs, anticipated to be male
        • Lord three. Mercury and Mars in ideas suggesting diabetes.
        • Mercury laid within the signal of Jupiter [Sagittarius and Pisces] and assumed by Mars may cause diabetes.


      Supply by Geeta Jha